There are no additives or components that will harm the nature.
There are no additives or components that will harm human and animal health.
It is 100% herbal and does not contain any additives or preservatives.

• Nitrogen - Phosphorus - Potassium
• Sulfur - Magnesium
• Amino Acid - Aragonite mineral
• Selenium - Calcium - lithium
• Vanadium - Manganese - Copper-Zinc

• Keep this user manual. You can need to read again.
• If you have other questions, please talk your doctor or pharmacist.
• Sinus Plus is for personal use, do not pass it on to others.
• During the use of this serum, when you go to the doctor or hospital, tell your doctor that you are using Sinus Plus.
• Follow exactly what is written in this instruction.
• You can use a high or low dose other than the recommended dose for Sinus Plus.

Active İngredient
• AKUAMARİN ( No Contribution ) DNZTZ 15m
• SODYUM CARBONATE ( No Contribution ) KRBNT
• SAL ( No Contribution ) TZ

• What is Sinus Plus and what is it used for?
• Sinus Plus importance and UPPER RESPIRATORY health and sinusitis
• What is spring allergy? Sinus plus effect
• How to use Sinus Plus?
• Storing Sinus Plus

What is Sinus Plus and what is it used for?
• Sinus Plus is a special serum prepared for a local cold, seasonal allergy and sinusitis regardless of summer or winter.

• Sinus Plus provides relief from nasal congestion thanks to its astringent properties.

• In addition, Sinus Plus is an auxiliary serum that effectively has antiviral
(weakening or eliminating the effects of viruses), immune system regulating, antiinflammatory and oxidation inhibitory effects.

Yangı / INFLAMMATION : Collection of pus, which is manifested by swelling, redness, heat and heaviness, due to the flow of blood to the sick part of the body to resist germs.

• Sinus Plus should be used to relieve nasal congestion due to colds, hay fever or
other allergic rhinitis and rhinosinusitis (inflammation of the air spaces inside the
nose and facial bones)

• The use of Sinus Plus is important as it helps to discharge secretion in paranasal
sinus (facial sinuses; forehead, back of the nose and bone cavities on both sides of
the nose) diseases.

• As an adjunct treatment for the relief of swelling in the nasopharynx (the area
where the back of the nose and the pharynx are adjacent) in middle ear infections,
Sinus Plus should be used.

• Sinus Plus cleans the sinus sockets in the upper respiratory tract; It prevents the
formation of bacteria by cleaning the area where sinusitis has occurred.

• When sinusitis is not treated correctly, it can cause very serious diseases such as
chronic pharyngitis, chronic gastritis, reflux, infections and abscesses around the
eyes, meningitis, and brain abscess.

Sinus Plus importance and UPPER RESPIRATORY health and sinusitis  Rinit ( COLD )

Rhinitis, known as the common cold or flu, is a disease that affects the upper respiratory tract, especially the nose.

It is considered normal for school-age children to have this disease an average of 3-5 times a year.

The disease is caused by viruses and is caused by droplets, that is, due to saliva particles emitted when sneezing or coughing.

These droplets both spread to the environment and pass on by contact with hands and things.It is important to use Sinus Plus in cases of flu and cold.

Influenza is caused by viruses called “influenza virus”. Influenza germs are transmitted through droplets and are spread by coughing and sneezing. Symptoms vary depending on the type of virus.

In some cases, the picture can be a little more severe and the child feels more sick.

In this case, using Sinus Plus; It is of great importance for influenza virus clearance.

Tympanitis (Otit)
Along with upper respiratory tract diseases, a virus occurs in the nasal congestion, ear, ear, and middle ear for orientation.

Infection causes Pain and Fever. It is the most common disease group in childhood after colds and flu.

Two-thirds of children up to the age of three have at least one infection of the middle ear. After the age of 10, this frequency decreases.

Middle ear infection is one of the most important reasons for absenteeism from school. Because of the danger of hearing loss, it is necessary to pay attention to this ailment.

Middle ear infections, which often occur due to cold and flu infections, can also result from the fact that the adenoid is large and the eustachian tube, which is the ventilation tube of the middle ear, is shorter, flatter and wider.

Infection in the upper respiratory tract; It is cleaned with Sinus Plus and prevents or ends the formation of otitis media (OTIT).

The examination of the air-filled spaces inside the bones of the forehead, maxilla and nasal sounds is called sinusitis.
It is known that Europeans up to three years have sinusitis at a rate of 6-13%. In upper respiratory tract infections and with the decrease in protection, this retention closes the channels leading to the cavities that provide ventilation in the
mouth owner.

Nasal throat, runny nose, swelling of the tonsils in the throat, prevent the aeration of the sinuses caused by pharyngitis.

So closed content is evolving. In this case, the use of Sinus Plus is of great importance.

Pharyngitis is one of the most common diseases in life. It can read even if it is of viral origin. Body resistance occurs when it cannot overcome cold swimming.

Acute Pharyngitis (Tonsilit)
Acute pharyngitis transmitted by droplets starts with cough, runny nose, fever and weakness.

The complaints are increasing and the general condition of the child is deteriorating.

If not treated timely and correctly, an infection due to otitis media due to tonsils and
streptococci (infectious and mostly the type of germ found in tonsils) can lead to
heart rheumatism.

It is an important aid in the treatment of acute pharyngitis.

Laryngitis is also known as croup and colloquially as bird palsy. Inflammation of the larynx in the throat area is called.

This disease, in which the infection affects the end airways, is mostly seen in
children between the ages of 6 months and 2 years.

This common disease usually occurs when viruses that cause upper respiratory tract infections settle in the main bronchi. Therefore, a simple upper respiratory tract infection can turn into bronchitis within days, albeit very rarely..

Pnömoni (Zatürre)
Pneumonia, which can be defined as the filling of the air sacs in the lungs with an inflamed fluid, is mostly seen in children with heart disease or previous lung disease and in premature births. In pneumonia, which is a disease transmitted by viruses or bacteria, the child has serious respiratory distress and a sick appearance.

If the disease is caused by bacteria, antibiotics are required.

Opening and cleaning of the upper respiratory tract is carried out quickly and in a controlled manner with Sinus Plus.


Allergy is the body's exaggerated response to substances that are not normally harmful.

This exaggerated response can sometimes be in the whole body, sometimes in a part of the body.

If it occurs in the eyes, it is called allergic conjunctivitis, if it occurs in the upper respiratory tract, it is called allergic rhinitis, hay fever, if it occurs in the lungs, it is asthma, if it occurs on the skin, it is called urticaria, eczema or contact dermatitis.

Bahar Alerjisi Neden Olur?
Allergy is a very common disease. Genetic predisposition and environmental factors play an important role in its emergence.
Sinus Plus Immune system normally protects our body against microbes and harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses.
However, if the immune system starts to give exaggerated responses to substances that are not normally harmful, it is called allergy.

The immune systems of allergic patients are extremely sensitive to certain substances. When faced with these substances, the immune system gets out of control and allergic complaints such as itching, redness, swelling, spasm, tearing, and runny nose occur.

The substance that initiates the allergy is called the allergen. Pollen, mold, pet dander, house dust, drugs and foods are the most common allergens.

The picture that occurs especially in the spring season and progresses with the symptoms of runny nose, nasal congestion, tearing and sneezing in the eyes is called spring allergy or seasonal allergic rhinitis.

Spring allergies are caused by pollen emitted from trees and grass. Pollen accumulates in the air by sticking to our nose, eyes and throat.

Later, allergic Sinusitis or Spring Allergy can lead to many signs and symptoms.

These symptoms can be listed as follows:
• Taste and smell problems
• Yellow-green nasal and postnasal discharge
• Thick mucus and subsequent nasal congestion
• leakage of mucus from the nose into the nasal passage
• Feeling of fullness and pressure in the eye, forehead and cheek area
• Jaw and toothaches
• extreme fatigue
• Nausea
• Earache
• Headache

How to use Sinus Plus?
Sinus Plus (Can be used in children aged 4 and over.)
It is suitable for use (4 times 3 doses) per day.
There is no harm in overdosing 4 times a day or higher.

Unless your doctor makes a separate recommendation, follow the instructions.
Sinus Plus formula has been obtained as a result of special studies. Do not use
Sinus plus is in a personalized format and do not use it by different people.

• dilation of the pupils (mydriasis),
• Nausea - vomiting,
• Bluish discoloration of the lips (cyanosis),
• fever - spasms
• cardiovascular disorders
• increased heart rate,
• in the heart; rhythm disorder,
• poor circulation,
• Cardiac dysfunction,
• increase in blood pressure,
• Lung dysfunction (pulmonary edema, respiratory disorders),
• mental disorders;
• It is very important for people who have been diagnosed with chronic or similar
diseases to use Sinus Plus.



You can use a double dose to make up for forgotten doses. Continue treatment as described in the dosing instructions.

You can use a double dose to make up for forgotten doses. Continue treatment as described in the dosing instructions.

Burning or dryness of the nasal mucosa, mouth and throat; Sneezing may occur, especially in sensitive patients.

If you experience any side effects not mentioned in this leaflet, inform your doctor or pharmacist.

Storing Sinus Plus
You can store and store in a cool place at room temperature.
Throw expired or unused medicines into the medical waste bin.

Do not use in case of pregnancy unless you consult your doctor.

It passes into breast milk; Consult your doctor before use.

No situation was observed that would prevent the use of vehicles and machines.
If you experience dizziness, drowsiness or visual disturbances after taking Sinus
Plus, do not drive or operate machinery or tools until you feel normal again.