Musculi Longum 500 mg

Musculi longum 500 mg

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Before starting Musculus Longum 500 mg, carefully read this INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE; It contains important information for you.

It is 100% herbal and does not contain any additives or synthetic preservatives.
There are no additives or components that will harm human and animal health.
There are no additives or components that will harm the nature.

• Keep this user manual.
• You can need to read again.
• If you have other questions, please talk your doctor or pharmacist.
• Musculi Longum 500mg is produced for personal use.
• When using Musculi Longum 500mg capsules, inform your Doctor and Pharmacist that you are using Musculi Longum 500mg.
• Read the instructions carefully. Do not use higher than the recommended dose of 500mg of Musculi Longum.

• WHAT IS Musculi Longum 500mg and what is it used for?
• How to use Musculi Longum 500mg?
• What are the Side Effects?
• In which situations and surfaces it is not used
• Storing Musculi Longum 500mg
• WHAT IS Musculi Longum 500mg and what is it used for?

Musculi Longum 500mg
Spinal pain – Muscular and Nervous system
Knee caps and knee pain
neck pain
hip pain
leg muscle aches
Nerve entrapment
Hand twitching and wrist pain
Those who work in heavy and dangerous jobs
Pain from excessive sitting
Aches and pains caused by Pilates and fitness sports
It is a special serum suitable for daily use by HC Medical Pharmacy for feet and ankle pains.
Natural vitamins and minerals dissolved in Musculi Longum 500mg relieve pain in the head, neck and joint areas in your body.
At the same time, this Musculi Longum 500mg helps your body get rid of toxins and your metabolism is healthier.

Maybe you complain of that terrible pain in your neck or that severe headache that strikes at the most inopportune time.
Or from your joint pains that prevent you from even sitting up. Whatever it is, know that you are not alone.
Head, neck and joint pains affect human life quite negatively.
However, it is possible to solve this problem with HC Medical paharmacy without resorting to unfamiliar variations.
You only need 500mg of Musculi Longum for this.

Musculi Longum 500mg has been used for a long time in the treatment of problems that may occur in the skin of the feet and nails.
Peelings and treatments made with Musculi Longum 500mg prevent diseases such as nail fungus and foot odor that are common today.
Musculi Longum 500mg revitalizes the skin with its blood circulation accelerating feature, makes the skin look smooth, and removes the thin dead skin on the feet.
Most importantly, it prevents the formation of bacteria on the skin and largely eliminates the risk of infection.

The most common causes of low back pain are low back strain, nerve irritation, problems with nerve roots coming out of the spinal cord, and bone and joint problems.
Back strain; Musculi Longum 500mg ends the effects of injury caused by stretching the ligaments, tendons or muscles in the waist strain area.
Musculi Longum 500mg You should treat the first signs of neck and shoulder pain or tension quickly before they can have a long lasting effect on your daily life.
Musculi Longum 500mg for neck and shoulders is suitable for the treatment of muscle and joint pains due to the following reasons;

• muscle tension
• Contractions caused by excessive exertion
• sprains
• Arthritis


Symptoms such as limited mobility, stabbing or pulsating pain, or a pulling sensation in the neck accompanied by headaches are the most common symptoms of neck pain.
Solitary symptoms such as stiff neck due to airflow are often bothersome,
HC Medical Pharmacy issue
Musculi Longum dissolves 500mg.
However, other symptoms such as tension-type headaches, tinnitus due to muscle tension, or recurrent dizziness can also limit quality of life in the long run.
You need to be aware that occasional neck pain is a one-to-one warning signal.
Acute pain can turn into chronic pain in the neck and shoulders, which can lead to secondary problems if we ignore the initial neck and shoulder problems.
The following symptoms should never be ignored;
If neck pain and stiffness is accompanied by fever, cramps, severe headache, numbness, nausea, sensitivity to light, drowsiness or loss of consciousness, the nearest Health Institution should be consulted immediately.
This can be caused by life-threatening conditions such as meningitis, heart attack, or cerebral hemorrhage.

Pains found and finished in Musculi Longum 500mg

Pain in the neck that feels like pulling or pulsating

Pain radiating to the head and jaw, shoulders and arms tension-type headache

Pressure pain in certain parts of the body muscle retention

Inability to raise head up to stiff neck neck stiffness after waking up

Poor neck posture up to torticollis

Dizziness and tinnitus

Tingling and numbness in arms and fingers

Defect of vision muscle weakness

Spinal Cord and Low Back Pain

Spinal pain is also a type of pain that occurs in the lower back.

This pain may be caused by a disease. In addition, as a result of blows and especially as a result of blows such as falling, pain may occur in this area.

One of the diseases that cause spinal cord pain is herniated disc.

Spinal cord pain and low back pain, muscle pain, pain caused by heavy sports, pain caused by walking, pain hitting the legs, back and hip pain caused by the spinal cord, hitting the right or left leg of the back pain ends your social life and turns your mobility into a negative situation.

Musculi Longum 500mg It treats your gradual or local pains that occur in your anatomy and also protects against future negativities.

• How to use Musculus Longum 500 mg?
The area you will apply should be sterile and dry.
Apply by massaging the area to be applied locally or to the full area.
If you are not in a position to massage, prevent the serum from being absorbed.
If redness occurs in the area you have treated, it shows that it has been damaged.
Apply to the area you want to process 2 times a day in the morning and evening.

• What are the Side Effects?
It has been created with 100% organic and herbal combinations, pure forms of minerals and vitamins.
No serious side effects were observed.

• in open wounds
• to the incompletely healed area.
• to the pupils
• into vaginal
• in the mouth
• To the tongue surface
• to the gum
• To the lip surface
• Do not use it on sensitive areas and areas and surfaces that have been

• Storing Musculi Longum 500mg
You can store it at room temperature

Do not use in case of pregnancy unless you consult your doctor.

It passes into breast milk; Consult your doctor before use.

If you experience dizziness, drowsiness or visual impairment after taking
Musculus Longum 500 mg, do not drive or operate machinery or tools until you feel normal again.

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Musculi Longum 500mg