İnirxcol 70 mg
It is taken orally.

It is 100% herbal and does not contain any additives or synthetic preservatives.
There are no additives or components that will harm human and animal health.
There are no additives or components that will harm the nature.


  • Potassium - Magnesium - Iron
  • Vitamin A - Vitamin C - Vitamin K
  • β - carotene - Chloride - vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2 - Nicotinic acid - Vitamin B3
  • Pyridoxine chloride - Vitamin B6 - Folic acid
  • Vitamin B9 - Phosphorus - Zinc - Riboflavin

Before starting Inirxcol 70 mg, read this INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE carefully; It contains important information for you.

•Keep this user manual. You can need to read again.
•If you have other questions, please talk your doctor or pharmacist.
•Inirxcol 70 mg is produced for personal use.
•When using Inirxcol capsules, inform your Doctor and Pharmacist that you are using Inirxcol 70 mg.
•Read the instructions carefully. Do not use higher than the recommended dose of Inirxcol 70 mg.
•Answer your medical questions 24/7 we can offer you right Pharmacy İnan Gulem and Dr. Rasim Aydogan

Zingiber officinale ( No Contribution ) ZNCFL
•Curcuma Longa ( No Contribution ) ZRDCL
•Piper Nigrum  ( No Contribution ) KrßßR

WHAT IS Inirxcol 70 mg and what is it used for?
•What problems does blood clotting cause?
•How to use Inirxcol 70 mg?
•Possible SIDE EFFECTS Storing Inirxcol 70 mg
WHAT IS Inirxcol 70 mg and what is it used for?

Inirxcol 70 mg Anticoagulant capsule is a capsular that dilutes the blood and increases its fluidity in the cardiovascular system (both arteries and veins).

Inirxcol 70 mg is called a blood thinner or a capsule that brings the blood flow to the desired state. The main purpose of using Inirxcol 70 mg is to prevent the formation of clots in the heart and blood vessels.

Inirxcol 70 mg can be used for both heart diseases and vascular diseases. When we say vascular diseases, we are talking about both arterial and vein occlusion.

Clot formation in the heart or veins causes many problems. The purpose of Inirxcol 70 mg is to prevent these problems.

•What problems does blood clotting cause?

Blood clots cause different problems by clogging these vessels in arteries and veins.
Arteries are the vessels that take blood from the heart to the tissues and feed the tissues.
The occlusion of these vessels impairs the nutrition of that tissue or organ.
Occlusion of the heart artery can lead to spasm or heart attack in the heart, occlusion of the cerebral artery to stroke and similar problems.
Veins, on the other hand, are the vessels that take the blood used in tissues and organs and carry it back to the heart.
When these are blocked, the blood cannot go where it needs to go and ponding occurs.
This leads to swelling of the tissues.
Deep vein thrombosis is the obstruction of the main veins of the legs and this causes swelling in the legs.
Portal vein thrombosis is the obstruction of the hepatic vein, which causes swelling in the spleen and enlargement of the veins in that area.

How to use Inirxcol 70 mg?

It is recommended to be used 1 time a day.
Inirxcol is a 70 mg blood-thinning capsule, and it is an important capsule prepared for your daily use and can be used even in healthy conditions.

As an active ingredient in its content; Ginger zingiber, black pepper Piper Nigrum, turmeric taken orally from the plant itself called Curcuma Longa; They are blood thinners, cloying capsules.

Helps you become anatomically stronger and more organized.
They are 100% natural additive-free capsules prepared for your regular use in your daily life.

It contains important vitamins and minerals for your cardiovascular health. At the same time, for the heart chambers (atria and ventricles) to pump enough blood;

Inirxcol 70 mg does not form plaque in the vessels of the pathways to the chambers.

Inirxcol 70 mg - You can use it daily from the age of 18.
Inirxcol 70 mg will end your tired mood and will greatly benefit your cardiovascular health thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains.

Patients who have had stroke, ischemic (vascular occlusion), hemorrhagic
(bleeding in the vein) and traumatic stroke, or patients at risk of having a stroke
It is very important to use Inirxcol 70 mg.


Those who are allergic or highly allergic to the ginger family;
•Those who are allergic or highly allergic to the turmeric family;
•Those who are allergic or highly allergic to the black pepper family;
•The use of Inirxcol 70 mg is not recommended.

•Storage of Inirxcol 70 mg
You can store it at room temperature 18 degrees – 24 degrees

Do not use in case of pregnancy unless you consult your doctor.

It passes into breast milk; Consult your doctor before use.

If you experience dizziness, drowsiness or visual disturbances after taking Inirxcol 70 mg, do not drive or operate machinery or tools until you feel normal again.